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Top Tucson Mortgage Rates This November

Have falling home prices enticed you into buying a new house? Today’s prices may be low, but don’t forget to research Tucson mortgage rates, too. The rate you pay to finance your home will have a significant effect on the total cost of your house.

Current Best Mortgage Rates in Tucson, Tucson

Depending on the kind of home loan you go with, the interest rates available will vary. However, whether you end up with a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage, there is a lender with an excellent interest rate in Tucson for you. The following are the local lenders currently offering the best mortgage rates this month:

Best Fixed Mortgage Rates in Tucson

15-Year Fixed

[mortgageratelist product=”15″ order=”asc” count=”3″ fees=”on” points=”on”]

30-Year Fixed

[mortgageratelist product=”30″ order=”asc” count=”3″ fees=”on” points=”on”]

Lowest Tucson ARM Rates

3/1 ARM

[mortgageratelist product=”3″ order=”asc” count=”3″ fees=”on” points=”on” caps=”on”]

5/1 ARM

[mortgageratelist product=”5″ order=”asc” count=”3″ fees=”on” points=”on” caps=”on”]

Be sure you verify these mortgage rates with the lender before you apply. Interest rates are accurate as of November 1, 2011, but may change at any time. Further, you may be subject to additional requirements or credit approval in order to obtain the lowest advertised Tucson mortgage rate.