Tucson Banking Rates

What Are Tucson CD Rates Paying You?

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Tucson CD Rates

An analysis of current certificate of deposit interest rates was recently conducted by Tucson Banking Rates in order to determine how average rates in [tucson] compare to those across the nation. The results were disappointing as the average CD rates in Tucson across various term lengths all fell short of the national averages, with a difference of at least .20% APY in most instances.

The study compared interest rates for 6-, 12- and 24- month certificate of deposit accounts in the city. The average rate for 6-month CDs is .45% APY, while the average 12-month CD rate is .63% APY and 24-month is .90% APY. These all fall under the national averages, which are .60% APY, .86% APY and 1.21% APY, respectively.

The information that was used for this study was compiled from the Tucson Banking Rates database of interest rates within a 50-mile radius of the city. These rates were averaged by term and then compared against equivalent averages for financial institutions throughout the entire U.S. A deeper look into current CD rates throughout the country can be found in the infographic above, including in which cities the highest rates are located.

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